Do you have an idea you want to get off the ground?
A business that needs a new vision?
Identity and branding that need a facelift?

I would love to consult with you, walk through all your ideas and from there, make a plan with a solid strategy to get long-lasting results. I’ve worked with dozens of companies over the past 15 years, working on branding and business strategies for startups as well as corporations, donation drives and design for non-profits, city-wide vision and in-house visual media for churches, along with social media campaigns for all of the above.

Our consulting packages all include:

» Knowledge and Fact-Finding on your current situation
» Research into where you want to be
» Questions and Answers to build a plan
» Development on a future-proof strategy
» Testing the waters with the new strategies
» Implementation in the real world
» Revelation over time of the progress made

Contact me today if you have any questions, want a quote on pricing or want to begin.
I’m excited to hear from you!