Grow Deep

I recently bought some pens to get back into ink-work and drawing. I love pointillism and this tree wasn’t planned. It just came out once I touched the paper. It got me thinking: maybe the tree along with its roots that came out of me speak of the deep things within all of us.

The catch is that deep things take time. They take intentionality. They take action. They also take heart.

Today, take small steps to grow deep in the things that mean most to you. Maybe it is making time for friends and family. Maybe it’s fleshing out some crazy idea for a new journey in your life. Maybe it’s just getting back to those talents you’ve let busyness (or the holidays) take from you.

Grow deep. And be very intentional about it. 
You’ll thank yourself later.

THE WEEKLY MUSING: We Are Reflections Of Our Affections

This phrase that came to mind while driving with my wife Joanna one night, and it’s been stuck with me ever since.  I just thought I’d open up this musing to everyone. What do you think? Where do your affection lie? Or are you lying to the world, being something you are not? Do the people around you see you one way, and you know inside that this is not the case?

Would love to get some dialogue going…

What is The Weekly Musing?

A musing is a period of thought or reflection. The Weekly Musing is a thought-full post, where something has stood out to me and I feel compelled to share it, comment on it and invite others to do the same. Leave your comments on this week’s post by opening up this week’s Musing to it’s full page and writing in on the bottom.